Using a Fortune Teller Online: Finding the Right Fit For You

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Have you been thinking about contacting a fortune teller online, but found yourself overwhelmed with all of the possibilities?  There are many wonderful benefits to using an online fortune teller, but to experience these benefits it is important to find a fortune teller online who is a match to what you need.

The steps to finding the right online fortune teller for you include:

  • Figuring out what topics you would like cover.
  • Understanding the differences between different types of online fortune tellers.
  • Finding and selecting the right online fortune teller for you.
  • Putting your reading and advice to good use.

What Topics Are of Interest?


It is important to ask yourself this question from the very beginning of your journey.  Some people may know the answer from the outset; others may not.  Narrowing down your topics of interest allows you to:

  • Formulate specific questions.
  • Figure out what it is you are hoping to find.

Formulate Specific Questions


After you have narrowed down your topics, try to formulate specific questions you would like to ask the fortune teller online.  The more specific your questions are, the more likely you will receive a reading that benefits you.  If you simply asked, “How will me career be?” you may not get as specific and helpful of a response as you would if you asked, “Will I receive any promotions at my current job?”

Also, if he or she is unable to answer specific questions and prefers to only give you generalities such as, “Your future is filled with wonderful things, but you must first overcome some challenges,” you may not be dealing with a true psychic.  Statements such as the one just mentioned could really apply to anyone who is hopeful about their future.

Figure Out What it is You are Hoping to Find

Now that you know what topics you would like to cover and the specific questions you are going to ask, it is time to figure out the answers you want to receive.  Knowing the answers you would like to receive helps you also figure out and prepare for answers you are hoping you will not receive.  It allows you to create a best-case worst-care scenario for yourself.

Preparing Yourself for Disappointment

It is important to ask yourself these questions before speaking with a fortune teller online, so that you can be prepared:

  • How will you cope with negative answers?
  • Do you have a plan?
  • Is there someone you can talk to about your feelings if you receive bad news?
  • How will you turn a disappointment into a learning opportunity?

It usually doesn’t take much effort to prepare yourself for the answers you do want to receive from a fortune teller online. Unfortunately, life does not always work out the way for which we hope and plan.

Understanding the Differences Between Different Online Fortune Tellers

You must investigate and understand the different approaches used by online fortune tellers so that you can select one with which you are comfortable.  Different types of online fortune tellers include:

  • Psychics
  • Psychic Mediums
  • Fortune Tellers who use Divination


The term psychic generally describes a person who has extrasensory perception (ESP) and is able to contact a different dimension or realm.  It is through this contact with the ‘other side’ that psychics are able to gain information about you, your past, your future, et cetera.

There are those who say they work with angels, spirit guides, and totems among other sentient beings.  Generally speaking, psychics of this kind tend to focus on your spiritual growth and development, as most of the messages are coming from the spiritual realm.

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Psychic Mediums

The term psychic medium generally refers to a person who uses ESP to speak with people who have passed on and become a part of the ‘other side.’  Generally speaking, psychic mediums are mostly able to your family members and friends who have passed on and deliver important messages from one side to the other.

Fortune Tellers who use Divination

There are those who believe that sacred and everyday objections such as tarot cards, playing cards, runes, and dice can carry important messages for us, so long as we approach them with the right intention. Fortune tellers online who use divination are able to connect deeply with themselves, with you and with the other side.

It is through their connection that they are able to set out a perfect intention to the other side so that the angels or guides on the other side can help them use objects to channel messages being sent from the other side.  Messages come through in whatever combination of cards, or dice, et cetera that you happen to select or roll by chance.  These messages may be related to your past, present, or future.


Finding the Right Online Fortune Teller For You

Finding the right fortune teller online is not an easy task.  Here are some things you must consider first:

  • Match services to your needs.
  • What sorts of reviews has she or he received?
  • What sorts of promises or claims is he or she making?

Match Services to Your Needs

Think about what topics you would like to cover and try to match them with the services offered by a fortune teller online.  Are you looking for spiritual and developmental guidance?  Perhaps a psychic who communicates with the spiritual realm is what you need.

Are you hoping to hear from loved ones who have passed on?  Perhaps a psychic medium would be in your best interested.  Maybe you want to know about your life path and the impact of certain choices.  If that is the case, a fortune teller online who uses divination may be your best option.

Check Reviews

If you find a fortune teller online who is any good, she or he is likely to have past clients who have reviewed the services online.  Look for these reviews by searching the fortune teller’s name and the word ‘review.’  Try to find reviews from as many sources as possible, do not trust just one website or message board.

What Kinds of Promises and Claims is She or He Making?


If a fortune teller online guarantees results, she or he may not be the real deal.  Things can happen which make it difficult or impossible for a fortune teller, online or in person, to focus and make contact to the other side in the way you are hoping.  Sometimes, however, a fortune teller online will protect your interests as well as their own reputation by offering a money-back guarantee if she or he is unable to make contact.

Is this person claiming to be able to tell you the winning horse in tomorrow’s race?  Is she or he willing to sell you love potions and truth serums?  These are definite red flags to steer away from.


Putting Your Reading to Good Use

The best ways to put to use the information you receive from a fortune teller online are:

  • To compile evidence for or against this particular psychic’s abilities.
  • Making important changes in your approach to life, you career, and/or your relationships.
  • Prepare yourself for some challenges which are coming.
  • Grieve and let go of a lost loved one.

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