The Main Reasons Why You Must Avoid Asknow Psychics

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There may be so many psychic service providers out there, but Asknow should certainly not be your preference. With innumerable negative Asknow reviews, you should not think of seeking for readings from their psychics. It has been proven beyond reasonable doubts that this is indeed a misleading psychic hub.

It goes without saying that a psychic should provide you with nothing but true readings. This is the main reason why choosing a reliable psychic is integral. As long as you are paying for the services, you must get something worth in return. Asknow has failed in so many ways and this is why you must avoid their services.

Among the major issues with Asknow psychics are:

Unwarranted Predictions

The worst disappointment that most clients have received from Asknow psychics is unwarranted predictions. Well, I guess giving inaccurate readings is what they know best. So far, a very large number of people who had placed full trust in Asknow readings, got nothing short of disappointments.

Why then should you head to a slaughterhouse knowing so well what is lying ahead. In simple words, you should keep off Asknow psychics since you might be misinformed or mislead. If several other people have faced the worst with the psychics, then who are you to hope for the best from them? Illogical, right? It is simple, just opt for California psychics and get utmost satisfaction.

No Refunds For Failed Readings

The least that any psychic can do is to give a refund following a futile prediction. That way, clients will not feel cheated. Asknow has a very bad history of not giving refunds to clients whose readings never came to pass.

The current number of Asknow reviews clearly outline one thing in common- failure to give refunds. If Asknow calls itself a reliable psychic body, then why are refunds held back. This simply means that Asknow has an element of theft in their services. This should give you more reasons to search for better psychic services.

A Painful Pinch In Your Pocket

At Asknow Psychic, you must be very ready to dig deeper into your pockets. It is one of the psychic service provision agency that charges heftily on clients. The fact that you are getting readings regarding something very crucial does not justify the exaggerated charges demanded by Asknow. After all, there are so many other psychic agencies that offer services at very lenient charges.

California Psychics, for instance, is a long-serving psychic agency, with the best track record, yet with the best price deals. It is just unreasonable for Asknow psychics to demand high a lot of money for their poor services. The worst part is that you do not even know is their readings will turn right someday.

An Unprofessional Site

Asknow should have at least channeled some efforts in creating a user-friendly site, but NO. The kind of site that Asknow Prides itself for is simply pathetic. It may have a lot of details in it, but the fact that it is disorganized ruins everything.

The site does not have a filter tool. It is very hard for users to filter the psychic services that they are in need of. Navigation from one point to another in this site is never an easy task.

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A psychic site that does not give users the freedom and ease to navigate should not be your option. Instead, you should consider a site that is well-put and if possible versatile to all internet gadgets. After all, you do not have all the time to search and search for details that cannot be traced easily. Choosing Asknow is certainly a waste of time.

Poor Customer Support

There are a number of things that make customer support in a certain company best. Among these things are accountability, communication skills, high speed of response, and accuracy. Asknow is nowhere close to the mentioned traits, let alone many more. What does that tell you? It simply implies that there is nothing to appreciate about the customer support at Asknow Psychic.

There have been innumerable instances where customer’s concerns are not addressed fully by Asknow. Emails sent by clients never get replies fast. It takes even a month to get a reply to a certain concern. When it comes to refund-demand emails, no replies are provided. Honestly, things can never be worse than this. It is simply suicidal to consult Asknow for psychic services. You will get the worst customer support known to exist.

Unpermitted Credit Card Deductions

Now this is the limit. Which person in his/her right mind can make deductions on another person’s credit card without consent? Isn’t this the height of insensitivity? Once you opt for Asknow, then you will have subjected yourself to a brutal experience of occasional deductions on your credit card. The worst part is that you will not be informed prior to the deductions. Simple courtesy should instill sense to these people and make them understand that trespassing in other person’s credit card is absolutely wrong. This should be condemned with the strongest words possible.

#Which Way To Go?

California Psychics is certainly the way to go. For a long time now, California Psychic has been in the lead in offering psychic services. There are so many advocating traits for California Psychics and they should convince you even further.

So, what is so unique about California Psychic?

• Accuracy- The joy of every person seeking psychic services is to get accuracy in return. This is something that California Psychics assure clients. Psychics here are very gifted hence they can boldly assure you of accurate outcome of their speculations.

• Reliability- If you are looking for reliable psychics, then you should consider California Psychics. They are not only reliable in predictions but other services as well. Their humane way of reasoning is certainly the reason behind their profound reliability.

• Professionalism- Anything done by California Psychics is based on utmost professionalism. No credit card deductions are made on clients’ accounts without consent and authority. All concerns are addressed on time to ensure satisfaction among clients. You can be assured of all that you need in the psychic world.

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