Psychic Predictions: A Guide, Not A Dependability

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Usually, at the end or the beginning of the year, we hear psychic predictions about the celebrities or most popular persons.  Some predictions are positive while some are horrifying or tragic that sometimes psychic readers hide the identity of the person they are referring to when the prediction doesn’t seem to be favorable.

Some are gifted to know almost all but some only foresee random events and for a specific person or group, usually from a closer circle. In these modern times, psychic predictions are being done online like the California Psychic. You are given options on what specific areas in your life you would want the psychic predictions to focus upon.

So, What are Psychic Predictions?

Others describe this as a powerful alignment of oneself to the higher being.  They have higher awareness and has a higher sensibility, thus the manifestation of an event that happened or is to happen.

Imagine the ants that you see busy lining up with food and you are wondering, “Why are there so many ants?” Few days later typhoon came and you would look back and think the ants may have been preparing for the calamity.

Or perhaps, the dog barks in an unusual manner as if something strange is going to happen.  Their alignment or connection with the environment makes it easy for them to tell what is to happen.

Is Psychic Reading Different from Ancient time Predictions?

Most of us thought this is just about reading the future or knowing what our future be like. Psychic prediction is not alien to us. Most of the recent events are actually aligned to what has been told by the famous Nostradamus, some of the prophets of the ancient times or what has been written in the book of Revelation.  The ability to see the future has started even during Jesus Christ’s time.

The Difference Between the two is:

  • Predictions are used to describe a bigger event that involves great man, nation that is to occur in the future or something that has not happened yet. Prediction is not for the past but for a future.
  • Psychic predictions are usually associated with palm or tarot cards reading an individual person’s past, present or future.
  • Psychic is also suggestive in nature. As the reader sees a negative energy coming for that person, psychic readers advise ways on how to prevent it

Can my Dreams be Psychic Predictions Too?

In psychology, dreams don’t have meanings at all but is a manifestation of your subconscious mind.  For example, you may have wanted to drive a car but you don’t have one. However, you really, really like it.  Even if your conscious tells you it’s impossible and you forget about it because it’s out of the budget, your subconscious already records it, so it manifests in your dream as if you really drive the car. That is the explanation of science.

If you go deeper, on the spiritual side, dreams tell something about your past state, your present state and your future.  But only few of us has the ability to interpret or read dreams because only few are gifted with it.

Sometimes my Intuition’s Right? Is it also one of Psychic Predictions?

We’ve heard wives or mostly women telling that their intuition pushes them to check on their husband or families because of a gut feel that’s not right.  Yes, it is psychic in nature but then it’s limited.

It’s different from the psychic readers themselves who can tell almost anyone that comes along. Intuition is more on the closer circle.  When a glass breaks and the heart throbs, it is most often interpreted as a bad omen and the woman thinks something bad is going to happen.

When can Psychic Unable to Read You?

A psychic reader can easily tell about a person who is freely open to the powers in front but a person’s ability to read can also be blocked.  How? When the psychic reader stares at you, you stare back to her.  They say that eye is the window to our soul.

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So if you look straight into their eyes and think something, the reader can’t read anything from your past nor present.  Mostly likely she will be giving out less or more of what is actually right.  In this case, what the psychic can do is just read your future.

Can a Psychic Predict His or Her Own Future?

Nostradamus had predicted his own death.  Some knew their future through their dreams which manifested in days or years.   Some of us has this but is left unnoticed or not practiced because we were taught not to develop as this is against our belief.

There was a story of a young lady whose mother had this gift but had stopped practicing it.  As the young lady grew, most of her dreams came to reality.  But she did not expect these to happen.  Her dreams even include typhoons and floods and that it happened months later.  Again she disregarded it.

When she graduated in college, she had vivid dreams about giving birth to two beautiful sons and marrying someone who’s strumming the guitar.  She had revealed these dreams to friends but did not really take it seriously as she was not into relationship at that time.

Almost ten (10) years later, she got married to a guitarist and had two beautiful sons.  It was her own future telling her.

Can we Rely on Psychic all the Time?

Remember, psychic predictions should not dictate our life.  We consult psychic because we might want to know certain areas about our life like money, relationship, career and others.  If we let it be and we rely on it too much, people will just sit around and waiting for things to happen.

Future events are the results of what we do in the present.  So if the psychic says you will get rich next year, do you really think you will get rich without doing anything? There is only a probability of winning when you buy lotto tickets.  There is higher probability when you work hard for it.  But there is zero possibility when you do nothing and just wait.

The Woman and her Psychic Predictions on Love

Like love reading, we do not really entirely rely on psychics to find love.  They are just there to guide you, to prevent you from getting into a relationship that you will regret in the coming days. The basis of the psychic predictions come from your past and present. But it won’t happen if you won’t do anything.

Just like this one woman who was hopeful to find the right prince charming.  She didn’t do anything to find Mr. Right Guy.  It took many years before she realized that what she was doing was not right.  There was no effort on her part.  How can she even be seen by a man she hoped to be with when she’s at the corner waiting for the rain to fall? But efforts became fruitful and found her way to love.

Psychic predictions aren’t supposed to control your life.  It is you who should control it.  Besides it is you who decides what you want, which way to take and how you do it.  It is just there as a guide, a what-ifs that will dictate what you do in the present which will result in what is seen in the future. It is not something that we should depend our entire life with.

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