How to Figure Out Genuine Phone Psychics?

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It can be shocking to discover that there are many phonies in the psychic industry. Out of four people who claim to be psychics, only one is a genuine phone psychic reader. Thus, it is important to make sure you consult a genuine psychic. You need to make sure you’re not being scammed. During your reading, you may discuss private and personal matters. It is important to discuss these matters with only a genuine psychic.

Greed is one of the most common reasons for people trying to be psychics, and faking their abilities. Such fraud artists do not give much importance to your needs, and exploit your difficult situations. They don’t care much about your emotional or psychological damage.

In order to choose a genuine phone psychic, you need to consider some important aspects. A better understanding of some important considerations makes you stay clear of fake artists pretending to have psychic abilities.

Ask for Your Star Sign or Date of Birth

A lot of fake psychics over the phone or on the internet ask for your star sign or date of birth. The next thing they do is to pick up a local newspaper to read that day’s astrology reading. They just change the words and tell it differently. They make it sound like their psychic abilities are allowing them to figure things out.

Ask for Your Location or Age

Fake psychics always ask for your location and even your age. The primary reason is that your age and location can tell a lot about your background, personality, characteristics, appearance and other traits. In addition to this, such information can also tell another person about your general life interests and status of relationships. Fake psychics use basic sociology to pull you into a trap.

Make Promises About Spells

Fake psychics often make promises about bringing back lovers or providing stability in professional life with powerful spells. Of course, this means you have to pay additional charges. In case a psychic says there is a curse on you, it is a warning sign that you have consulted a fake psychic. Hexes and curses do not exist. But fear is a powerful tool to manipulate the situation.

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Claim to be Renowned 

Another common sign that you have found a fake psychic is easy to catch. Most fake psychics claim to be renowned. Some of them may also claim to have read for celebrities or Hollywood stars. In case you have never heard of the person, and he/she just has a website, it’s more realistic to assume that they are frauds. If the person was renowned, you must have heard something about him/her.

Don’t Like to be Tested

Fraud psychics never like to be tested. Thus, they will always try to avoid your questions. Their answers will also be manipulative and confusing. In case the person does not agree to a general reading or does not show willingness to answer your questions, it’s likely that you have encountered a fake phone psychic.

A genuine psychic can provide you with information about your future, present and past. The person also provides in-depth knowledge about everything. In case a psychic is genuine, he/she never asks for personal information. He/she will just ask for relevant information to make the reading.

Manipulation in Readings 

A fake psychic always tries to be nice, and acts like your best friend. Such a person will try to pretend that he/she cares a lot about you. Thus, the person will try to manipulate the readings. On the other hand, a genuine psychic is always honest, blunt and straightforward. He/she will provide you with a detailed analysis, whether it is right or wrong.

It’s worth mentioning that genuine psychics always provide you with both bad news and good news. They don’t leave out certain bits that they feel might lose them precious money. Moreover, they don’t keep pestering you for rating points and reviews. Genuine psychics always remain subtle and don’t sound like something out of a fairy tale. Genuine psychics never mind when clients test them with questions.

These days, you can easily find phone psychics on the Internet. There are many psychics who have their own websites, which display the contact details of the psychic. You can check for prices and other details on the website itself.

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