Five Things To Do Before Consulting A Fortune Teller.

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The psychic world is misunderstood as much as it is deemed helpful. And the evolution of online psychic programs has opened the door to a number of con artists masquerading as psychic gurus. So, how can the average person tell the difference between a real fortune teller and a mere computer program? Here are some few tips that can help you separate the chaff from the wheat;

a.)Ensure that the first report you get is generated by a person and not an automated computer program.

This shouldn’t be hard. No matter how good a computer program is, it can never replace the versatility, accurateness and intuitiveness of a human being. For starters, reports generated by computer programs lack cohesiveness, passion and are full or generalities. Sometimes they may not even make any sense. On the hand, an insightful and accurate report is one of the few signs of a real fortune teller.

b.)Don’t forget to read reviews left by previous customers.

In as much as reviews can be helpful to some extent, some bogus psychics have found a way around them by posting the reviews themselves. So, read them with a skeptical eye, looking for nit bits of over-exaggeration or a ‘too-good’ tone. For instance; It is not in any way possible for all the reviews posted to be positive to a fault without even a single dissatisfied client expressing their discontent in one way or the other.

c.)Always ask for a free trial report.

Before rushing to churn out the large dollars for a psychic session, always try to haggle and negotiate for a free trial report. Normally, credible psychics won’t have any problem with this, as they know that the first report is their chance to prove their worth. However, websites relying on automated programs will always give a lame excuse as to why they can’t give you a report without some form of payment before hand. And if they give you one, it will be so generic that it could easily pass for anyone.

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On the other hand, real psychics will give you a short report that contains specific info about your life and with some element of truth in them. This is the kind of psychic you want to hire.

d.) Compare the rates of the prospective psychic with others you find online.

Remember that when it comes to psychic sessions, you get what you pay for. Thus, one of the signs that a given service using a computer program to generate their reports will be a ridiculously low fee compared to other legit sites. However, this does not mean that the more expensive the service the better it gets, on the contrary, some may charge less but offer you more helpful answers to your life problems than those asking a premium.

e.)Request for reports from two or three other sites before making your judgment.

A majority of people seeking psychic services will often make the mistake of settling with the first fortune teller they happen to come across. Don’t be that type. Adopt a habit of trying a number or services and vetting them individually to determine who’s real and who’s not.

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