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Psychic Access Reviews Exposed!- Why They Are Simply A Mediocre Lot Out To Scam And Rip-Off Unsuspecting Clients.

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Divination; Is it real?

In an age of divination, mysticism, and supernatural powers, it’s only natural for one to have the urge to seek out fortune tellers when you’re trying to decipher the profound and true meaning of life. Fortune tellers and mediums have for a long time held the key to unlocking life mysteries, and it’s only until recently that a majority of them have begun offering their services online and over the phone. Unfortunately, this has also opened the door to a number of cons and dubious scammers masquerading as online psychic gurus.

My awful experience with Psychic Access.

Personally, for a long time now, I’ve believed in the supernatural and divine realm. So whenever I’m faced with a challenging problem be it spiritual, professional or relationship-wise, I tend to seek the help of a divine medium of fortune teller for advice and counsel. So that’s how I stumbled upon a Psychic Access Reviews forum. From the customer reviews, the service seemed pretty okay, with most ‘customers’ expressing gushing remarks and raving endlessly ( almost ridiculously) about how the mediums from that site had turned their life around for the better. However, I later came to discover that Psychic Access actually posts these reviews themselves! Which makes sense, since there is no way possible that all clients can be content and satisfied with a service no matter how good it is. Even the best fortune tellers in the land always have to deal with negative comments periodically.

Fake past customer’s reviews.

But that day I was feeling quite positive and optimistic. Nevertheless, it was only the previous day that my businesses had suffered a massive loss following a miscalculated financial move. To add salt to injury, my longtime girlfriend had just broken up with me, after repeatedly complaining that I wasn’t ‘committed’ enough to the relationship. Long story short, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind when signing up for their service; otherwise I would have thought twice before clicking that ‘hire medium button.’ Thus, after poring meditatively over some of the fake past customer’s Psychic Access reviews, ( I didn’t know that they were bogus then), I decided to book for a session with one of their ‘mediums’ – They are no real mediums there, be warned!

Unprofessionalism at it’s best.

Typically, what happens in Psychic Access, once you log in into their site, you are immediately directed to a page populated by psychic’s profiles and their accompanying rates.They do not even offer free trial readings. In that page, you can select the ‘medium’ of your choice and book a reading session. That day, knowing too well that most of the time women make better fortune tellers than men, I decided to settle for a middle-aged female psychic. And besides, that day I really needed some motherly pampering, or so I thought. My medium mama went by a funny name, which I can’t even recall. But for the purposes of this review, let us call her Martha. Her rate was about $5 per minute – quite expensive by any standards. But then I remembered that sometimes ‘you get what you pay for’, so I went ahead and deposited $300 in their account for my first session.

Irrelevant questions.

For the first 20 minutes, my Martha medium went ahead to bore me with pointless details of how she was experienced in psychic readings and even how she started reading professionally at the age of only 13. But I wasn’t feeling sentimental that day, so I didn’t interrupt her as she continued lumbering almost to the extent of lulling me to sleep! After realizing that I wasn’t paying much attention, she changed tactics and started bombarding me with irrelevant and useless questions like, ‘ how many teeth do you have? How many times do you shower a day? Are you right or left handed? Do you take coffee before going to bed?” Being the honest man that I am, I answered each of queries truthfully, with the honesty of a priest.

All along I kept asking myself how these questions were even connected to my current predicament, then dawned on me. The scammer was only trying to waste my time with out-of-topic discussions so as to get me to pay more for the service. In fact, she was circling around my problems as if expounding on them, but not giving any clear solution. Mind you, Psychic Access bills clients per minute, so each extra second you spend online is invoiced, and you’re charged for it. After over 45 minutes of irrelevant future talk, I complained that she was taking too long to give me any helpful or insightful reading. Then, I threatened to log out and file a refund for my money.

Change of tactics.

That’s when she suddenly changed her conniving tactics. First, she said that there was a certain darkness around me and my business, that was related to my relationship with my ex-girlfriend. To prove that she knew what she was saying, she went ahead and mentioned her name aloud -three times! ( I hadn’t told her my ex’s name, but she must have checked out my Facebook profile and made a quick guess).

Nonetheless, I was elated. Finally, there was a ray of hope, and maybe she wasn’t a con after all. That’s what my naivety mixed with desperation told me. On seeing that I had swallowed her bait, she said that since my session was almost over, I had to deposit an extra $400 for an additional or ‘follow up’ session. Since I was very desperate for a reading, I immediately pulled funds from my PayPal account and paid up. She even promised to call me later that night to compensate for the lost time.

Gone missing?

That evening, I waited endlessly for her call, and at around 11 pm, upon realizing that she wasn’t going to call me after all, I decided to call the Psychic Access’ support team and launch a formal complaint and claim a refund. After a few rings, someone answered in a foreign language then hung up almost immediately. Fed up with their unprofessionalism, I decided to go back to the previously mentioned Psychic Access Reviews forum to expose them, by posting my complaint and warning other newbies to stay away from them. But Alas! For some reason, I couldn’t post my review. Apparently, they had banned my IP address from accessing their page. That’s when it sunk in -they are just a bunch of con-artists out to make a quick dollar by deceiving unsuspecting believers.

The real deal.

A word of advice, though. If you’re going to pay for any online psychic session, make sure that the medium is from a reputable psychic community like the California Psychics. From my experience, they are the best in town. Try them and you won’t be disappointed.

Why you cannot trust Oranum

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Oranum are the worst psychic readers that you can find anywhere. If you want to save your money time and senses then you will do well to stay away from Oranum. This is one of the foulest companies that you can find anywhere. One just does not know what they are out to get. They seem to rely solely on Skype and webcams as well as microphones to do readings for you.

Too greedy

Having used Oranum for a good number of years one person said that she would never go back again. This is because although a few people at Oranum seemed sincere, there were far too many people there that were too greedy and very inaccurate in their readings. In fact, the numbers of accurate readers could be counted on one hand.

Out to get your money

The worst thing about them is that they have plenty of ways to get your money and if you are not careful they will use every method to deprive you off your hard earned money. It seems that many of the people who work there are living together and they share information among each other. Very few of them even post their rates, leaving you at their mercy.

High rates

If you come across one of their ads in which they promise a reading for a very low rate you may want to join them but then you will get a shock when you find that the connection drops and it may also be deliberately cut off. If you return a few moments later, you are going to be shocked to know that those rates have doubled and if you are especially unlucky then the rates can even triple. The worst thing is that they will not let on that the rates have increased during the call. This shows that they are picking your pockets and that they are no better than petty thieves. The only difference is that you expect a pickpocket or thief to steal from you but you do not expect to find Oranum reviews showing you that they are really picking your pockets without letting you know that they are doing so.

The worst thing is that if you make a complaint to them about this, they will not respond to you or they will tell you that your complaint has been passed on. You can complain all that you want but they are not going to set things right for you. You can read Oranum reviews to find out that the site also has a number of abusive features.

Fake readers

Unfortunately, when you read Oranum reviews you are going to find that there is a lot more to come and none of it is flattering to Oranum. Like, for example, if you plan to get an email reading then you are going to be asked to provide a ton of information, which is far more than a genuine reader needs to use their special gifts. If you and the object of your reading have a real age difference then you will probably not even get a reading at all. What you will get instead is a number of salvos that will make you feel negative. These salvos are also very judgmental in nature and they seem to have come straight out of the reader’s mind and not from any special gift that they might possess.

Too arrogant and presumptive

When reading Oranum reviews, don’t be surprised if you find complaints about readers who if she does not like your questions will bombard you with a number of arrogant presumptions. Her assertions will be no better than a hit or miss kind of assertion that is not going to do you any good at all. The worst part is that the reader is never held accountable for her inaccuracies. Her insults will be delivered with ease and this will make you wonder whether the stuff she says has been rehearsed before in front of a mirror.

Wasting your time

Another common refrain in most Oranum reviews is that the readers seem to be hell bent on wasting your time. They take a long time to respond to your questions and maybe they take too long to answer because they are trying to find out how to delude you into believing her inaccurate readings. The readers seem to love to spend as much time as they can before answering in order to ensure that you end paying through your ears for your reading. They seem to love chatting with clients who have to pay three to five dollars per minute, and even more. The best that they will do is bless you and offer prayers and try to heal you or make you believe in a mantra or try some other form of deception on you.

There are also some Oranum reviews that point out that the reader may even try to suggest that you pay her 300-dollar per minute for her readings. This fee the reader claimed was a special fee that was being offered out of sheer generosity. Can you believe that they were actually asking you to pay so much money per minute just to pray for you and to enlighten as well as unshackle their own psychic powers? For all you know, the reader may be guiding you and some other poor sucker at the same time to make a big killing.

Fooling the public

The question that arises after reading Oranum reviews is whether the readers do in fact possess some superior power that normal people do not possess. Do they really think that it is so easy to feel the public at large? Yes, you could be fooling a few people but after reading Oranum reviews you will not be able to do so for much longer.

Avoid them at all costs

One can safely conclude after reading the many Oranum reviews out there that you should really avoid Oranum at all costs. And, if for some reason, you do plan to use them then make sure that you agree to a reasonable rate per minute so that you do not end up paying through your teeth for the inaccurate readings that they are known to provide. If you really want accurate readings from genuine readers then be sure to check out California Psychics.

Kasamba Psychics: A Plague To Avoid

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It is pretty obvious that your hopes are always very high and positive when consulting a psychic, right? Now, take a mental picture of having all your high-risen hopes shattered just like that when your chosen psychic provides you with wrong readings. Does that sound good? Of course NOT! If you never wish for such disappointments, Kasamba psychics is the type that you must avoid at all costs. So many Kasamba reviews have been aired and a lot of negativity communicated with regard to the services.

Kasamba psychics might have promised you heaven and earth initially. However, this comes as a direct opposite when you realize that their services are not worth anything. There are so many negative issues that have been identified in other Kasamba reviews and more are yet to come. You must, therefore, fight tooth and nail to find the best psychic service.

So, which are some of the things that you will dispise about Kasamba Reviews?


Kasamba psychics fail to understand that clients always aim at getting the best. It is never a nice thing to get a reading on a certain matter, only to get incorrect results in the end. This is one of the key trends transpiring among Kasamba Psychics. Inaccuracy in prediction has been their way of service dissemination. Not one or two, but many clients have received wrong readings from Kasamba Psychics before.

Some of the clients even go to 3 or 4 Kasamba psychics regarding a common issue. Surprisingly, each and every psychic comes up with a different reading. This simply confirms that you should not expect any accuracy from these psychics. It is more of time wastage to seek services from Kasamba Psychics.

Untrustworthy and Dishonest Support

The worst thing that Kasamba Psychics have ever done is to promise what they cannot offer. Aside from offering force readings, Kasamba Psychics also give assurances that they will never meet. At the beginning, you will be assured that if everything does not go as stipulated, then Kasamba Psychics will do all they can to reimburse you. However, the reimbursement never comes.

You will be request to drop an email regarding any problem on their services, but it will take ages before they reply. Actually, there will be no reply at all. It seems that to Kasamba Psychics, offering wrong readings is not just enough. A perk of false assurances and promises is also part of the package. You must not waste your precious time consulting Kasamba Psychics.

Exaggerated Charges

It can never get worse than paying heftily for psychic services and, on top of it, get the wrong readings. This surpasses any pain that a person can feel. It makes clients feel really stupid and used. It might sound harsh, but Kasamba Psychics are money-oriented. To them, it does not matter what the client in question will feel as long as they get a fair share of money. Client satisfaction is never their primary priority.

Hundreds of Kasamba reviews have one common issue, and that is exaggerated price deals. In as much as you would want to understand the intensity of Psychic services, some charges are simply ridiculous. Things get even worse when the psychics fail to give you a refund after offering wrong readings. Any sane person can confirm that this is fraud. A client always has the right to get a refund of the money they paid, should the readings backfire or turn futile. This is something that Kasamba Psychics disregard heavily.


Since time immemorial, a client has never stopped being the king. In other words, psychics always have the obligation of addressing their subjects in the most professional way. It is from this point that primary client satisfaction is achieved. It is quite unfortunate that Kasamba Psychics do not have the slightest touch of professionalism.

Their interaction with clients is very poor. They do not understand how to address their clients. Some of the previous clients here claim that the site has psychics who type and respond too slow. This is not only draining but really irritating to any client. It is absolutely wrong for Kasamba Psychic to have the notion that clients have all the time to wait.

The kind of language they use is neither appealing nor convincing. It makes you feel as if you are dealing with a witch doctor from your neighborhood. Consulting Kasamaba Psychics is simply stooping too low. Not worth your efforts at all!

New Faces All The Time

Kasamba has the tendency of employing any person who simply claims to have some psychic powers and capabilities. This is done even without the guarantee of getting good services from such psychics. If you are wondering why you have been receiving a chain of false readings from Kasamba Psychics, then know you might have dealt with a fake. Well, Kasamba holds a long record of futile readings and this can only mean that their psychics are nothing but fakes.

You will realize that the site has some faces, some of which you cannot trust. You should refrain from seeking services from a psychic service provider who gives you the more reasons to doubt his/her authenticity. It would be better to consult a real Psychic and get something better in return.

#Why You Should Consult California Psychics

This is millions of reasons why you should opt for California Psychics and not Kasamba. Among the justified reasons include:

• Guaranteed accuracy- No reading that has ever been offered by California Psychics turns wrong. Why? All psychics here are real.
• Lenient Deals- Your pocket is spared too much pressure by California Psychic. Every coin you pay is worth the respective services. It is never a waste of money.
• Outstanding Rapport- California Psychics understand the importance of professionalism in service provision. It is never a game of readings alone, but professional readings. Close connection and relationship with you is a 100% assurance from California psychics.
• Diversified Psychic Services- California Psychics are very diverse in service provision. As long as your demands lie under psychic umbrella, then you have an assurance of complete services.

Why you cannot trust Hollywood Psychics

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The only good thing that you can say about Hollywood Psychics is that they are ready to offer an extended promotion of one dollar per minute. Other than that, one has to say that most are not real and can best be described as being fakes. For example, their service will only give you a refund for your call for just a few minutes.

Judging by the feedback left by other clients the caliber of Hollywood Psychics is not very good. One particularly dissatisfied client says in her Hollywood Psychics reviews that they are really horrible. The same person goes on to say that spending 2.29 dollars per minute is a total waste of time and money. According to this person, Hollywood Psychics are basically excellent con artists.

Inaccurate Information

The reader gave this person inaccurate information and the guidance provided was very dangerous as well as harmful to the person. The worst part is that most of the guidance provided by the reader is nothing better than real BS. The reader was also very rude and insulting and worse still the reading provided was very inaccurate. Most of the time spent with the reader was wasted on chitchat and jokes and the reader was also hostile in a veiled manner.

Arrogant and authoritative

Another dissatisfied client, in her Hollywood Psychics reviews, said that they were very arrogant as well as authoritative but more importantly they were wrong in their readings. The reader tended to miss out on important things. For example, the reader might be accurate about one point but when it came to the big picture the reader was horribly wrong and inaccurate. The information provided turned out to be wrong.

Yet another dissatisfied client in yet another Hollywood Psychics reviews said that the reader though fast and seemingly accurate was also insulting at the same time as well as being abrasive. The reader kept on asking questions that were aimed at helping the reader provide an answer. If you do not indulge the reader they will simply hang up on you. Though the reader may have been right on certain things she did miss many things.

Guessed answers

The worse thing about the reader was that she was dragging out the phone calls by providing guessed answers. Worse still, the reader tended to repackage whatever you told her and then will feed back this information in the guise of a reading. When questions are asked, the reader tends to provide vague answers and indulged in double speak which she tried to pass off as a reading.

Calls were dragged on

Most clients seemed to be angry because the phone calls were being dragged on and the answers provided seemed to be no better than guesses. The answers provided were also vague and a lot of double-speak was used. The reader tried to pass of the double-speak as real wisdom. In fact her readings smacked of information gleaned from books and were at best very flaky. One customer was particularly peeved that the reader turned out to be inaccurate as well as rude. The reader also tended to spend too much time wasting time telling jokes and indulging in small talk. The worst part was that the readings were not particularly accurate. Also, when the customer provided more information to the reader she changed her story. The general consensus obtained after reading Hollywood Psychics reviews was that the readers at Hollywood Psychics were frauds and expensive as well as real jokers. Most people also agreed that paying the reader was a total waste because all the reader did was indulge in chitchat and provide readings that had no semblance of truth or accuracy in them. Most clients also expressed dissatisfaction with the readings.

Not so good customer service

One client also pointed out that whereas previously the readers were kind and polite as well as succinct, the new ones were very greedy and tried to waste time on small talk. They tried to extract as much information out of you and were rude as well as arrogant at the same time.

Earlier, if a customer were not satisfied with the readings, the customer service would be ready to refund all your money or tell you not to speak with that particular reader again. These days, however the customer service person tries to keep your money and at best will only refund a portion of your call.

And, if a call drops and you are not at fault then you can call up customer service but they will refuse to refund your money and will say that they need to find out the cause why your call dropped. This makes you think that they are very greedy.

Poor service

The worst part is that the quality of service provided is very poor. You are going to find it difficult to build up any rapport or relationship with the reader who is charging you 2.25 dollars per minute. If you request a cold reading then the reader will just tell you that an archangel is watching over you and will tell you that she loves you and that the angels are there to protect you. This kind of nonsense is going to cost you 2.25 dollars per minute!

At these high rates, one wonders why the readers spend so much time chitchatting and why when you make a complaint that they will become rude and will hang up on you.

Fake readers

Some people even think that the readers are real fakes though some have been able to provide a few accurate readings. However, they do try to keep you talking on the phone and will try and extract every last dime that they can out of you. So, you may end up paying five, ten and even twenty dollars just for the pleasure of making small talk with the reader!

To make matters worse, the readers are very rude and arrogant and they seem to be thumbing their noses at the clients who are paying a lot of money to get an accurate reading.

The bottom line is that when you read Hollywood Psychics reviews you will find that most of their readers are fraud and the ones that do get things right seems to get it right by chance. So, don’t waste your time and after reading Hollywood Psychics reviews, be sure to look for California Psychics. They will not charge you much and more importantly their readers are accurate and polite and ready to discuss important matters with you.

The Main Reasons Why You Must Avoid Asknow Psychics

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There may be so many psychic service providers out there, but Asknow should certainly not be your preference. With innumerable negative Asknow reviews, you should not think of seeking for readings from their psychics. It has been proven beyond reasonable doubts that this is indeed a misleading psychic hub.

It goes without saying that a psychic should provide you with nothing but true readings. This is the main reason why choosing a reliable psychic is integral. As long as you are paying for the services, you must get something worth in return. Asknow has failed in so many ways and this is why you must avoid their services.

Among the major issues with Asknow psychics are:

Unwarranted Predictions

The worst disappointment that most clients have received from Asknow psychics is unwarranted predictions. Well, I guess giving inaccurate readings is what they know best. So far, a very large number of people who had placed full trust in Asknow readings, got nothing short of disappointments.

Why then should you head to a slaughterhouse knowing so well what is lying ahead. In simple words, you should keep off Asknow psychics since you might be misinformed or mislead. If several other people have faced the worst with the psychics, then who are you to hope for the best from them? Illogical, right? It is simple, just opt for California psychics and get utmost satisfaction.

No Refunds For Failed Readings

The least that any psychic can do is to give a refund following a futile prediction. That way, clients will not feel cheated. Asknow has a very bad history of not giving refunds to clients whose readings never came to pass.

The current number of Asknow reviews clearly outline one thing in common- failure to give refunds. If Asknow calls itself a reliable psychic body, then why are refunds held back. This simply means that Asknow has an element of theft in their services. This should give you more reasons to search for better psychic services.

A Painful Pinch In Your Pocket

At Asknow Psychic, you must be very ready to dig deeper into your pockets. It is one of the psychic service provision agency that charges heftily on clients. The fact that you are getting readings regarding something very crucial does not justify the exaggerated charges demanded by Asknow. After all, there are so many other psychic agencies that offer services at very lenient charges.

California Psychics, for instance, is a long-serving psychic agency, with the best track record, yet with the best price deals. It is just unreasonable for Asknow psychics to demand high a lot of money for their poor services. The worst part is that you do not even know is their readings will turn right someday.

An Unprofessional Site

Asknow should have at least channeled some efforts in creating a user-friendly site, but NO. The kind of site that Asknow Prides itself for is simply pathetic. It may have a lot of details in it, but the fact that it is disorganized ruins everything.

The site does not have a filter tool. It is very hard for users to filter the psychic services that they are in need of. Navigation from one point to another in this site is never an easy task.

A psychic site that does not give users the freedom and ease to navigate should not be your option. Instead, you should consider a site that is well-put and if possible versatile to all internet gadgets. After all, you do not have all the time to search and search for details that cannot be traced easily. Choosing Asknow is certainly a waste of time.

Poor Customer Support

There are a number of things that make customer support in a certain company best. Among these things are accountability, communication skills, high speed of response, and accuracy. Asknow is nowhere close to the mentioned traits, let alone many more. What does that tell you? It simply implies that there is nothing to appreciate about the customer support at Asknow Psychic.

There have been innumerable instances where customer’s concerns are not addressed fully by Asknow. Emails sent by clients never get replies fast. It takes even a month to get a reply to a certain concern. When it comes to refund-demand emails, no replies are provided. Honestly, things can never be worse than this. It is simply suicidal to consult Asknow for psychic services. You will get the worst customer support known to exist.

Unpermitted Credit Card Deductions

Now this is the limit. Which person in his/her right mind can make deductions on another person’s credit card without consent? Isn’t this the height of insensitivity? Once you opt for Asknow, then you will have subjected yourself to a brutal experience of occasional deductions on your credit card. The worst part is that you will not be informed prior to the deductions. Simple courtesy should instill sense to these people and make them understand that trespassing in other person’s credit card is absolutely wrong. This should be condemned with the strongest words possible.

#Which Way To Go?

California Psychics is certainly the way to go. For a long time now, California Psychic has been in the lead in offering psychic services. There are so many advocating traits for California Psychics and they should convince you even further.

So, what is so unique about California Psychic?

• Accuracy- The joy of every person seeking psychic services is to get accuracy in return. This is something that California Psychics assure clients. Psychics here are very gifted hence they can boldly assure you of accurate outcome of their speculations.

• Reliability- If you are looking for reliable psychics, then you should consider California Psychics. They are not only reliable in predictions but other services as well. Their humane way of reasoning is certainly the reason behind their profound reliability.

• Professionalism- Anything done by California Psychics is based on utmost professionalism. No credit card deductions are made on clients’ accounts without consent and authority. All concerns are addressed on time to ensure satisfaction among clients. You can be assured of all that you need in the psychic world.