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Reasons Why Psychic Online Readings Work Well

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Many people find the idea of seeking psychic online readings or advice interesting. However, people match the idea with getting scared or being held back by fear. The reason behind fear comes from many things: it can be the fear of finding out the possibility of experiencing bad events in the future, or from a fear of getting possible spiritual and demonic possessions, while others are afraid of being involved with the use of black magic.

People generally don’t trust anything that is unexplained, including personal and psychic online readings, and it makes it easy to fear what most of us do not understand.

In order to eliminate fear on a certain beliefs or practices, it is important to understand what can cause the unsettling feelings. Here are some common fears associated with psychic online and personal readings, especially those who are interested to communicate with the departed of having their future revealed to them.

  • Possessions

People are afraid that psychic online and personal readings can lead to evil or demonic possession. While this is far from being true, people get the misconception that tarot card readings with psychic mediums can cause a connection or communication with an evil spirit and that it can leave them vulnerable to demonic possessions.

  • Bad news

Another huge issue that that most people bring up while getting psychic online or personal readings is the fear of hearing bad news, especially when it can be connected to death, accidents and other forms of impending doom.

  • Black magic

Some people believe that psychic readings are associated with black magic and curses, and that it can be used to curse the client or someone the client knows.  Since pop culture portrays black magic as something that can easily be picked up when getting involved with mediums or anyone meddling with unknown spiritual guides, this has become such a big misconception.

While these fears can be understandable since there is no one that would find demonic possessions or curses pleasant, these are mostly products of wrong information. As long as you have an open mind, an open self will follow shortly, and an ethical or experienced psychic and medium can lead you to a life filled with inner peace that can ultimately help decision-making choices in the future.

Some Common Misconceptions About Psychic Readings Explained

If a fear of online psychic or personal readings is stopping you from getting one, then you are missing out, especially in terms of gathering insightful information about yourself and the things that happen in your life that you are not aware of.

The first thing that you need to understand about psychic readings is that psychics and intuitives take note and recognize energies that surround them. They channel them into messages, images, or visions that they can share with the clients and it will allow them to receive information from other dimensions. Psychics and intuitives may use tools such as candles, crystal balls, and Tarot cards, which are all completely safe to use. These tools do not attract any kind of demonic energy.

Another important thing to note is that legitimate and ethical psychics will never scare their clients with curse, and will never offer to put curses on any person in exchange for money.

Psychic readings may provide the client with insights about their immediate future, which can include bad news. However, the readings are always based on the present, and when undesirable news comes, there is still a lot that can be done to change the course of this prediction.

Those who will seek the services of a psychic online or in person should always remember that the future is never set in stone, and all individuals still have full control over their lives. With this being said, an individual is the one and only one who can dictate how things will turn out in their future.

The fact that psychic readings are more beneficial than scary is the first step of understanding psychic readings work. This can be used to gain valuable insight, as well as to empower oneself in order to make right choices and live a happier and fuller life.

The Benefits of Online Psychic Reading

Like many professionals establishing their online presence to reach more audiences and to save time, majority of psychics now operate online. For ethical and expert psychics, it is easy to set up a reading, no matter where the client may be. For many people, the convenience of having a psychic reading without having to leave their home is part of the appeal and ease.

While it can be considered as a convenience, some people might have a certain amount of doubt on how effective online psychic reading is compared to a personal session. The reality is that there is less opportunity for scamming psychics to operate online.

“Cold readers” are those who imply body language and specially worded questions that could pick up clues from the client. Down to the clothes that they are wearing and the physical movements of a person can present a lot of clues about what they want to find out, and this makes it easy for fraudulent psychic or cold readers s to assume and the kind of information that their clients wants to hear.

On the other hand, operating over the phone or through online readings, cold readers could not possibly carry out their con. An online psychic gives way for uncluttered and untainted kind of connection that is free from clues or anything that could lead them into saying things based on a client’s physical actions. Without these physical restraints, the connection between client and psychic and be greater and more pure.

Aside from this, there is the convenience of being able to get a reading whenever and wherever you may be. The Internet gives everyone access to psychics all over the world, allowing them to book clients anytime at the comfort of their own space.

Even if a client chooses to have a psychic online session at the wee hours of the morning due to a burning question, a psychic that practices online will be able to help at an instant.

Booking a psychic online has another benefit: you’re also more likely to be relaxed in your home environment, and this allows the psychic to tune into you more easily. They will also be more capable to provide you with better insights than they might be able to if they feel tension about being in an unfamiliar place just for the reading.

With all of these benefits, it is not a surprise that so many people are now choosing to have online psychic readings. A true reading can give an authentic vibe that the clients will familiarize with, and more often than not, it gives the “I knew it” kind of feeling. We human beings tend to second-guess ourselves, and it’s normal to need validation on a regular basis.

This is one of the main reasons why some of us seek psychics online and offline, like the experts at California Psychics. While not all of us want our futures predicted, but most of us want to know that we’re right all along, or that we’re right when we feel that something is bound to happen. If we are a few steps away from making a huge decision, we want to be sure that the decision we’re doing is the best one possible.

A Guide To Online Psychic Readings: Traits All Good Psychic Readers Have

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If you are interested in knowing what the future holds for you, this article will help you understand online psychic readings and the things that honest, intuitive and ethical readers and spiritual mediums do. Not only will this article help you avoid getting scammed, but it will also aid you in getting a session that is beneficial.

If you are developing your psychic abilities or highly interested in online psychic readings, this article and its content is something that you absolutely would want to know so that you can become an ethical reader. Here are the top five traits that all good psychic readers have:

  1. 1. A Good Reader Leaves All Judgments At The Door

Psychic readings and personal judgments will never mix, and a good psychic reader knows this golden rule. An ethical reader puts all biases and personal feelings outside the reading room or space when they are working.

To give you an idea about this trait, here is an example: A client named Susan walks in showing signs that she is upset. She describes herself as a heavy drinker during a time when she was raising he four children. Now that Susan’s children are adults, they want nothing to do with her. The children blame Susan’s alcoholism for all of their family problems, and Susan books a psychic reading to provide some sense of clarity into the whole situation.

But here is the big twist: the main job of the reader is to pass long information they receive from your spiritual guides and loved ones in heaven. This task does not give the authority to readers to point and shake a finger at their clients and say “you’ve been a bad person!”

One client who went to a reader mentioned how the unethical reader told her to “suck it up,” in response to a difficult situation she was dealing with. This kind of response is not only rude, but it defeats the purpose the entire concept of psychic reading. A session with a good psychic reader or booking online psychic readings should be uplifting and it should make the client feel good.

Prior to an online session, a good psychic reader should have already set the intention that the information and messages that their clients will receive is for their best and highest good.

Also, a good psychic reader will not just fill their clients’ ears with what they want to hear, but they should also focus on what their clients’ spiritual guides believe that they need to hear. Expert psychics know that they have to exude a positive and non-judgmental aura and manner of speaking so that when their clients are done, they should feel uplifted and not depressed, skeptical or frightened.

  1. A Good Psychic Reader Should Not Leave Their Clients Scared

One trait of unethical psychic readers is that they tend to instill fear on their clients with the stories or premonitions. On the other hand, a good psychic reader will always encourage their patients to be comfortable, relaxed and at ease.

Those who practice or want to be good at online psychic readings know that frightening the client is never an option. Some of the things that an ethical reader should not tell clients are as follows:

  • Tell the client that they have any type of bad luck or curse, as this is considered as the number one psychic scam of all time. Clients should know that they shouldn’t be giving any psychic that tells a “bad luck curse” and say that they will end or remove the bad luck.
  • Tell death predictions. The only exception for this rule is when a client is terminally ill since a spiritual medium or intuitive can pick this situation if it is for the clients’ best good. If a spiritual medium wants to give the client a message to spend more time with a loved one, then it could be a possibility. Aside from this exception, psychic readers absolutely cannot predict death.
  • Tell the clients that they have serious health issues. Some psychic readers tell their clients that they need to be checked out, and this is one of the most unethical things that someone can hear from either a personal reading or in online psychic readings. Readers are not doctors and should not make medical diagnoses.
  1. Good Psychic Readers Always Believe That Honesty Is The Best Policy.

If a client asks a question during online psychic readings and the reader does not know the answer to it, they will admit it without hesitation. A good reader does not try to make the information “fit” or force an answer. Though this might be an oxymoron, good psychic readers with integrity play by the rules.

If an answer to a client’s question is not coming to light during a session, they will know that there is a reason behind it. An example of a fake “prediction” that good readers should not tell their clients to are lottery numbers.

Ethical psychics and mediums are interested in helping their clients’ spiritual journey and this path excludes the aim to win the lottery. Lottery numbers are drawn by chance, and good psychic readers are not supposed to give their clients any gambling tips.

  1. Psychic Readers Should Always Remind Their Clients That Decisions Are Always Theirs To Make.

An ethical and good psychic reader—whether in person or during online psychic readings—always offer insight and still encourages the client to take charge in creating a life plan for themselves. Good readers will not tell their clients what to do, but they can shed light on why certain events are unfolding in one’s life.

This eliminates psychic dependency and empowers the clients as well. If a client is trying to make a huge decision, psychics can ask their clients’ spirit guides for more information about the path that they are currently treading on versus the new path that they are thinking of taking.

The bottom line is, if a client hears a psychic trying to order them on doing certain things, the client should stay away. Clients need to feel that they still have the right to do whatever it is that they want to do with their lives.

  1. A Good Psychic Reader Is Always Respectful.

Personal and online psychic readings should make the client feel respected at all times. Ethical readers respect the spiritual and religious beliefs of others and will try not to force their personal beliefs onto their clients. Ethical and good readers always respect the feelings of others as they deliver messages in a sensitive way filled with compassion and respect.

Now that the traits of a good psychic reader have been revealed, it is time to know and understand how readers develop and hone their skills.

Up to this day, people debate whether psychics are real or not. However, the best mediums and psychics used to be skeptics. There reaches a point in a psychic’s life that they feel highly intuitive.

Over the years, psychics and mediums learn to work with their abilities and then go on becoming professional intuitive readers. Readers also discover that there is a thin line that separates the believers from the non-believers.

Non-believers often do not understand dhow psychic ability works and what it is that a legitimate psychic does in personal or online psychic readings. Here are the things that should be defined for those who are still skeptical about this practice.

  • Real psychic ability is subtle
  • Real psychic ability is not mind reading
  • Real psychic ability does not mean predicting the future
  • Real psychic ability is a vast topic as there are many different types of psychic ability, as well as many ways in which mediums receive intuitive information.

Skeptics, or those who choose not to believe, do not understand these traits and characteristics of personal and online psychic readings. Non-believers also do not understand the difference between a clairvoyant and a medium, or that there are different types of readings that exist.

What happens most of the times is that psychics get lumped in one general category by people who do not understand the practice. This is a shame, because all intuitive readers and mediums are as unique as snowflakes: each has their own talents and specialties.

Reality versus Television

Movies and other forms of pop culture, such as The Sixth Sense or the television show Medium, mold the idea of psychic ability and spirit communication as mainstream. The practice that was considered as taboo is now portrayed in a more practical light. People are starting to see that intuitives and mediums are also regular people just like everyone else.

The hit television show, Ghost Whisperer, is a good example. The main character of the show is portrayed as an ordinary woman who just happens to have the distinct ability to communicate with the dead.

People can relate to these characters because they are being depicted in a down-to-earth manner. While this can be an advantage to those practicing personal and online psychic readings, people forget that psychics portrayed in pop culture is still fiction.

These programs and movies can be entertaining, but oftentimes, television tends to tell over-the-top stories, especially with how psychics use their gifts. One episode of Medium shows how the main character was asked by members of the law enforcement to find a missing person who was presumed to be dead. In just minutes, the character stood on an open field and was able to find the exact spot that the body was buried. Some good psychics are indeed working with law enforcement in real life, but how they are dramatized or portrayed in television is not accurate.

Reasons For Skepticism


Aside from the main doubt if psychics are real or not, there are many more reasons that lead to skepticism, and here are some of them.

  • Skeptics have been victims of scams.
  • They may have had a bad experience with personal or online psychic readings. If this is the case, it could be that the psychic lacked experience or training.
  • Seeking the help of psychics and booking personal or online psychic readings goes against their religious beliefs.
  • Skeptics think that there is a link between seeing a psychic and winning the lottery or other forms of gambling. There is no energy connected with lottery numbers because they are drawn by chance, and this is an important fact that those seeking the help of psychics need to understand.

Here is something to think about if you are still feeling skeptical:

Have you ever had a time when you felt strongly about another person that you just met but did not know where the feelings and emotions come from? Is it a positive, warm, and fuzzy feeling or a very negative feeling? This was your ESP picking up on someone else’s energy and it is how your Higher Self connects with you.  Find out more about it and strengthen your calling with the help of experts at California Psychics.

What is a Psychic Medium Reading?  Your Questions, Answered

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Have you ever asked yourself, ‘What is a psychic medium reading?’  It is a usual question for those who are new to the world of psychics and their different abilities.  It can be easy to get confused by all the new terminology you encounter when you start learning about psychics, psychic readings, and what options are available to you.  One day you think about wanting to have a psychic reading, then suddenly you are reading and hearing phrases such as: psychic medium, divination, runes, tarot cards, clairvoyance.

It can be a little bit overwhelming, can’t it?  Sometimes we know what type of service we are looking for, but aren’t sure what it is called.  Don’t worry, this article is designed to help you understand what a psychic medium reading is and how it differs from other types of psychic readings, so that you can decide for yourself if it is the type of reading you would like.

What is a Psychic Medium Reading? – Defining Psychic Medium


The word psychic is generally used to describe a person who has a psychic ability.  There are so many different types of psychic abilities that there are sub-categories within the category ‘psychic.’  Okay, that may sound a bit confusing.

Take this article as an example.  This article has one main title “What is a Psychic Medium Reading? Your Questions Answered.”  It also has subtitles, such as “What is a psychic Medium Reading? – Defining Psychic Medium” and “What is a Psychic Medium Reading? – Your Options.”  The term psychic is like the main title.  The main title describes the whole article and shows you what all of the subtitles have in common – the term psychic describes what all of the categories of psychics have in common.

The term ‘psychic medium’ is like a subtitle.  Therefore, although all psychic mediums are part of a larger group of psychics, not all psychics can call themselves psychic mediums.  A psychic’s title depends on the abilities that he or she has.  It is important to know that sometimes psychic mediums refer to themselves by other terms or titles such as ‘spiritual medium’ or ‘intuitive medium.’

What Does the Word Psychic Mean?

It is probably best to define the word psychic for you, just so you are aware what it means as a category.  Generally speaking, the word ‘psychic’ describes an individual with extraordinary powers to communicate with the ‘other side.’  A psychic’s belief in what the ‘other side’ is will depend on his or her personal, spiritual, and religious background.

Communicating with the other side can mean different things for different psychics.  Some are able to see images of the future.  Some can hear the voices of angels and spirit guides.  Some can see people who have passed on.  Some can redirect the energy surrounding a person and channel energy from a higher plain.  The list goes on and on.  Each of these abilities carries with it a different title, such as psychic medium.

What Can a Psychic Medium Do?


Generally speaking, a psychic medium can communicate with people who have died.  Different people are able to do this in different ways.  Some psychic mediums can speak directly to a person’s spirit out load and receive an answer back that only he or she is able to hear.  Sometimes they communicate in their minds without ever asking a question out loud.  Some psychic mediums receive answers in words or bits and pieces of phrases; others receive images in their minds.

Unlike other types of psychics who rely mostly on their own intuition, gut feelings, or ability to read divination tools to draw conclusions, psychic mediums actually make contact with the other side and the energetic/spiritual energy of the client.

What is a Psychic Medium Reading? – Individual Readings

Individual psychic medium readings help the individual client communicate with his or her loved ones who have passed away.  In this type of psychic reading, you can ask your loved ones any unresolved questions you had at the time of their passings.  You can find out if their spirits are at rest and gain comfort knowing they are still around, in a different form.

Individual psychic medium readings can also help you connect to your own spiritual side and bring you answers to your questions about life, death, and the other side.  In many cases, this brings people ease and makes the prospect of their own eventual death a much less scary thing.  It can also help solidify your faith in whatever you have always felt was true, but lacked proof of.


What is a Psychic Medium Reading? – The Life of a Party

Some psychic mediums are open to the idea of group readings and being a part of your group activities.  They can set up in your home or even online via video chat.  Usually offered at a group rate, or charged per person, the psychic medium can do individual readings for the members of your party.

A psychic medium could also indulge you in a ghost hunting experience.  Of course, you would need to host your party somewhere that there actually are spirits.  But that shouldn’t be so hard, considering how many people came before us on this planet.  Oftentimes, the psychic or the company for which the psychic works will choose a location near you which is known for being haunted.

Such a party usually begins with sit-down dinner where you can get to know your psychic medium and ask him or her questions about the other side, as well as his or her methods, experiences.  If you are comfortable and interested, some psychic mediums will even use methods made famous by folk lore and movies, such as tipping tables, Ouija boards, and séances.

What is a Psychic Medium Reading? – Dealing With the Bump in the Night

A psychic medium reading does not always have to be used to speak to people that you know.  If you believe that your house is haunted by a spirit, a psychic medium may be able to discover if you are correct.  If you really do have someone’s spirit living in your home, a psychic medium may be able to speak to this person.  You may be able to find out who it is, why they are there, and if they intend you any harm.

A psychic medium can also help you rid your home of any spirits which may be residing there.  He or she can speak with the deceased to help the person understand what is going on and help them cross over to the other side.  Be aware that this may not always be the case, but a psychic medium reading is a good place to start before you decide to move or sell your home.

What is a Psychic Medium Reading? – Something Real

Of course there are many people who do not believe in psychic abilities whatsoever.  If you find yourself feeling sceptical, the best way to find out is try it out.  Of course there are people who pretend to be psychics, but these people are usually rather easy to spot if you do your homework and spend some time researching them.

Understanding The Fascinating World Of Psychic Readings By Phone

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When you consult a psychic for a reading, it tends to be a special experience. Whether you’re getting a reading face-to-face or over the phone, it is not any different. In fact, most people believe that psychic readings by phone are much better. The primary reason is that the psychic does not get any visual clues by looking at your face. Before consulting a psychic for a reading, you should consider some aspects to make the most of your reading.

Think About What You Want

Before you consult a phone psychic, you should think about what you want from the reading. Psychic readers can’t tell you about your future or give you the lottery’s winning numbers. However, they can guide you in the right direction. Ethical psychics never promise to bring your lover back or cast love spells on other people.

Genuine psychics can provide you with insight about what is going on in your life. This allows you to make informed choices. The information you get from a psychic is extremely important. It rules a lot of your decisions, and takes you ahead in life. Psychics also help you come to terms with karma. However, before you receive any of these benefits, you need to think about what you want from the psychic reading.

Write Down Your Questions

Before you consult a phone psychic, you should write down some questions. You should let out your thoughts and emotions even before you start talking to a psychic. This allows you to get some clarity, and you avoid giving the person any unconscious clues through the tone of your voice. When you take psychic readings by phone, you should keep a journal or notebook close.

Spend Some Time on Choosing a Psychic

Once you have the clarity about what you need to ask the psychic, you should start looking for a reputed and experienced psychic. Most importantly, the person should be honest and genuine. These days, it has become easier to find a psychic. However, it is important to conduct an extensive research and make sure you choose only a trustworthy person.

Check Out the Treatment on First Call

Besides everything else, the first impression of the psychic will give you a good idea about what you are getting into. If you have called a genuine psychic, he/she won’t have any problem in an informal chat before the reading. The person won’t pressurize you to pay upfront and get on with the reading. He/she will make you feel comfortable, calm and composed before the psychic reading.

Check Out Profile Information

It is worth mentioning that most reputed psychic readers have a detailed profile. You may listen to the profile over the phone or visit the psychic’s website to gather more information. It’s important to check out as much information as you can. This allows you to choose a genuine psychic rather than getting scammed by a fraud.

Make Sure the Psychic Feels Right

When you consider psychic readings over phone, you need to understand that it is all about what feels right for you. Every psychic is different, and you need to choose someone you feel comfortable with. Without a good rapport, the reading would not offer much benefits, and it will just be someone preaching lessons of life.

Take Notes During the Reading

During the reading, you should take a lot of notes. You should note down anything you feel is relevant to your questions, doubts and queries. A lot of phone psychics provide you with recordings of sessions. This allows you to listen to the readings again. However, you should also make an effort from your side to note down important points about the reading. There are times when you might hang up the phone, and remember that you forgot to ask something or didn’t note down an important answer.

Always Send Feedback

Last but not the least, you should always send your feedback. A good psychic offering psychic readings over phone will always encourage you to send feedback. If you think the reading was good enough, you should let the person know. In fact, you should also provide feedback on the internet. This allows other people to find information about the psychic before consulting him/her. Always provide feedback and help other people out.

Psychic Phone Readings- How They Changed My Life.

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For those who may not know this, psychic phone readings are sessions with a proven fortune teller who attempts to foretell the future using clairvoyance or innate telepathic abilities over the phone. While the opinion on such psychic phone readings might be divided, one thing remains clear- the authenticity or accuracy of these readings is pegged upon the abilities of the individual psychic or fortune teller. And that’s why it is important to ensure that you only enlist the help of the best psychic artists in this trade.

But before that, there are certain things that you need to pay attention to before seeking the services of a phone psychics. For starters, not all phone psychics are legitimate. In fact, only a fraction of the entire population of fortune tellers can predict the future with almost 100% certainty. Unfortunately, a good number of them only masquerade as gurus, whereas in reality they are cheap cons looking to make a quick buck by deceiving unsuspecting clients..

The ability to sift through the mud of con-artists and wannabe magicians and get to the real fortune tellers is itself a skill, as per se. Nonetheless, we can’t ignore the fact that a majority of legit psychics are nowadays mistaken for unskilled readers simply because clients initiate a psychic session with predetermined assumptions, which greatly limits the chances of a successful reading.

So, one may ask, how exactly does these phone readings work?

The psychic or fortune teller will typically use a unique circumstance or event in your life to zero-in or tune-in to your present and future circumstances. This might be your date of birth, your maiden name, your spouse’s last name etc. And using their telepathic abilities, they can then focus on visions of your future, be it the near future or your distant future.

Such phone sessions have given people ( or believers) all over the world the rare opportunity of connecting with fortune tellers from anywhere in the planet. Sometimes back, people used to walk for miles and cross oceans to reach famous psychics and proven gurus. Nowadays, a simple phone call is all it takes to have your future laid out before your eyes.

So how do people find such fortune tellers?

Basically, there are two ways which you could use to land an exceptional and legitimate psychic who offers his services over the phone. One of them is through references from colleagues, contacts, family and friends. Remember that a reputable phone psychic will rarely have to advertise his services himself as he often relies on word of mouth to market his services. That’s also the reason you will rarely come across a TV commercial that purport to offer such services. And if there are, they are few and far apart. Which, of course, is a good thing because a phone psychic should be able to connect with you out of your own accord to increase the chances of an accurate or insightful reading.

The other way is through websites and online forums designed to market phone psychics. However, sometimes it can be hard to distinguish between the legit psychics and the dubious ones if you’re only relying on online tools to do so. Therefore, it’s imperative that you consider asking for a free report or reading before you decide whether or not their service is worth the money.

How do phone psychics operate?

A good number of psychics often charge a small fee before and after a phone reading. Depending on the website or service in question, you might be required to pay for the reading session through international money transfer services such as PayPal or wire transfers before ‘unlocking’ the access to an expert fortune teller. After this, you will be prompted to provide your phone number so that the fortune teller can call you for a short chat, otherwise known as a ‘future talk’.

In as much as such clairvoyant services are helpful, it’s also imperative to bear in mind fortune tellers will not exactly predict your future to a fault. That’s just practically impossible. However, based on their psychic abilities, then can unravel a mystery or two that has been bothering you. All in all, phone psychics are a good channel of seeking answers of the unknown.

Note that it’s important to use only the services of tried and tested fortune tellers. A good example of such a collection of genuine and reputable clairvoyants is the California Psychics, who boasts of a long list of contented and satisfied clientele.

How the Psychic Hotlines May Benefit You:

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The person who claims to have a heightened sense of everything and can establish a contact with the spirits of the deceased people is commonly known as a psychic. The psychics are in this particular trade for many centuries in almost every part of the world. People tend to believe their prowess and seek their help in mental and emotional turmoil. The psychics are generally people with very good communication and public skills, who observe the customers or patients very minutely and then offer solutions. Many magicians and stage performers also demand to have psychic powers to establish some of their tricks and performances.

Psychic hotline:

Psychic hotline is a teleconferencing service offered by various psychics or their organizations with the aim to provide help to people in grave need. It has been observed that most people feel shy to come forward to seek the help of a psychic. They fear that the society or their friends and families will deem them to be persons with a weak heart, whereas some others feel uncomfortable in discussing their problems openly in a psychic session. There are people who also fear that if they come in front of a psychic to discuss their issues, then they might get influenced by the psychic and the deep secrets of their mind will be known to the psychic in question. Whatever the reasons may be, the popularity of those hotlines is increasing day by day. Some of the popular and most common issues discussed over these hotlines are mentioned below.

  • The most common of subject of those calls are the urge to establish contacts with a recently deceased friend or family member. People have a general tendency to know how their loved ones are fairing in afterlife. They believe that the bond they shared in the earthly life remains the same even after death. So, people call over these psychic telephone hotlines to communicate the people they love. Parents want to contact their children who expired in an accident, children want to say sorry to their parents for some of their deeds and people call to let their loved ones know how much they still loved them and many more.
  • Some people also call to share their deepest secrets and the crimes they committed. They want reconciliation from the spirits and seek the psychic’s help in that matter.
  • Some people even call to know about the locations of their family heirloom, some treasure buried somewhere or things like that. They ask the psychics to seek the information from the spirits. The numbers of such callers is pretty high and are generally not entertained by the psychics.
  • People even call to know the identity of the person responsible for the death of their loved ones. They want to know the identity of the killer from the deceased.

How they may help:

Psychic telephone hotlines provide various services to the callers. The services mainly consist of mental and psychological help. Some of the salient features of those hotlines and their services are:

  • According to various psychic hotline service providers, they offer you peace and calmness in your life. They help you get the positive energy from life and shun away all the negativities. The main thing they offer is the chance to know yourself. They bring out the inner self of your soul and present it to you. They also help you to realize the deep desires of you and help you to seek them.
  • The psychics don’t tell your fortune but they can give you an idea of how your life might be in the future. They help you to change for the better. The psychics help you to realize your mistakes in the past and what can you do in the present to nullify your follies. Thus, they establish a bridge between the past, the present and the future for you and help you look at things in a different angle.
  • They also help you in instant turmoil. If you are going through a rough patch and don’t find it worthy of living anymore, then the psychic telephonic hotline service providers help you to establish confidence in yourself and come out with all new bands of positive energies.


So, if you are willing to have some psychological help or spiritual assistance and want to maintain your anonymity, the psychic hotlines are the best answer for you.

How to Figure Out Genuine Phone Psychics?

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It can be shocking to discover that there are many phonies in the psychic industry. Out of four people who claim to be psychics, only one is a genuine phone psychic reader. Thus, it is important to make sure you consult a genuine psychic. You need to make sure you’re not being scammed. During your reading, you may discuss private and personal matters. It is important to discuss these matters with only a genuine psychic.

Greed is one of the most common reasons for people trying to be psychics, and faking their abilities. Such fraud artists do not give much importance to your needs, and exploit your difficult situations. They don’t care much about your emotional or psychological damage.

In order to choose a genuine phone psychic, you need to consider some important aspects. A better understanding of some important considerations makes you stay clear of fake artists pretending to have psychic abilities.

Ask for Your Star Sign or Date of Birth

A lot of fake psychics over the phone or on the internet ask for your star sign or date of birth. The next thing they do is to pick up a local newspaper to read that day’s astrology reading. They just change the words and tell it differently. They make it sound like their psychic abilities are allowing them to figure things out.

Ask for Your Location or Age

Fake psychics always ask for your location and even your age. The primary reason is that your age and location can tell a lot about your background, personality, characteristics, appearance and other traits. In addition to this, such information can also tell another person about your general life interests and status of relationships. Fake psychics use basic sociology to pull you into a trap.

Make Promises About Spells

Fake psychics often make promises about bringing back lovers or providing stability in professional life with powerful spells. Of course, this means you have to pay additional charges. In case a psychic says there is a curse on you, it is a warning sign that you have consulted a fake psychic. Hexes and curses do not exist. But fear is a powerful tool to manipulate the situation.

Claim to be Renowned 

Another common sign that you have found a fake psychic is easy to catch. Most fake psychics claim to be renowned. Some of them may also claim to have read for celebrities or Hollywood stars. In case you have never heard of the person, and he/she just has a website, it’s more realistic to assume that they are frauds. If the person was renowned, you must have heard something about him/her.

Don’t Like to be Tested

Fraud psychics never like to be tested. Thus, they will always try to avoid your questions. Their answers will also be manipulative and confusing. In case the person does not agree to a general reading or does not show willingness to answer your questions, it’s likely that you have encountered a fake phone psychic.

A genuine psychic can provide you with information about your future, present and past. The person also provides in-depth knowledge about everything. In case a psychic is genuine, he/she never asks for personal information. He/she will just ask for relevant information to make the reading.

Manipulation in Readings 

A fake psychic always tries to be nice, and acts like your best friend. Such a person will try to pretend that he/she cares a lot about you. Thus, the person will try to manipulate the readings. On the other hand, a genuine psychic is always honest, blunt and straightforward. He/she will provide you with a detailed analysis, whether it is right or wrong.

It’s worth mentioning that genuine psychics always provide you with both bad news and good news. They don’t leave out certain bits that they feel might lose them precious money. Moreover, they don’t keep pestering you for rating points and reviews. Genuine psychics always remain subtle and don’t sound like something out of a fairy tale. Genuine psychics never mind when clients test them with questions.

These days, you can easily find phone psychics on the Internet. There are many psychics who have their own websites, which display the contact details of the psychic. You can check for prices and other details on the website itself.