3 Key Differences Between a Regular Fortune Teller and a Psychic Fortune Teller

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Most people may not be aware, but although there are some similarities between a regular fortune teller and a psychic fortune teller, there are also great and distinct differences between them.  This article is designed to help you understand that key differences between the two types of fortune tellers and which type is likely to benefit you more.

What is a Regular Fortune Teller?

 Just hearing the words fortune teller conjures up images of a woman in a long black frilly dress sitting behind a table at a carnival or county fair, gazing into her crystal ball.  This is because we tend not to use the word fortune teller very often anymore.  Mainstream media speaks mostly about ‘psychics’ not fortune tellers.  But here is an interest bit of information; a psychic is a type of fortune teller.

A fortune teller is someone who can tell you about things that occur in our world.  Come fortune tellers can use scared or everyday objects to tell you things about yourself, your past, or your future.  The power of this type of fortune teller lays in his her ability to read the seemingly random patterns which appear in whichever scared or everyday objects he or she chooses to use.  For the purposes of this article, this type of fortune teller will be referred to as a ‘regular fortune teller.’

A regular fortune teller is generally able to tell you things that did happen or will happen, but are often not able to tell you why.  They simply foresee events.  If a cause-effect relationship is visible to them they may be able to share it with you but, generally speaking, they are not able to see this kind of information.

How is a Psychic Fortune Teller Different?


Generally, a psychic fortune teller can do everything a regular fortune teller can do, but also has some additional abilities.  The 3 key differences between the two types of fortune tellers exist in relation to these topics:

  • Ways of receiving information differently.
  • The ability to see spiritual and emotional aspects of situations.
  • Belief in fate.

#1 – Psychic Fortune Tellers Receive Information Differently


Unlike regular fortune tellers who interpret events from divining objects, psychic fortune tellers receive information by interpreting seemingly random patterns in the objects they use, psychic fortune tellers receive information directly from the other side.  It is for this reason that psychics do not use objects very often in their readings.

#2 – Psychic Fortune Tellers Are Able to See Spiritual and Emotional Aspects of Situations


Regular fortune tellers tell you facts about situations and events, but are unable to gain information about the spiritual and emotional aspects of situation – this is why they are often not able to explain the reasons that things will happen.  This is a major difference between regular fortune tellers and psychic fortune tellers.

Because of their ability to contact the other side, psychics are often able to give you fuller explanations.  They are often able to see your current spiritual energy (aura), receive messages about your state of mind and physical health.  They can often pick up on the energetic, emotional, and health states of others as well.  This information helps them to develop a fuller picture of cause and effect for the events which they foresee unfolding in your future.

Perhaps this is why another great difference appears between psychics and most regular fortune tellers: they often view your ability to change the future differently.

#3 – Psychic Fortune Tellers Believe Less-Strongly in Fate

A typical regular fortune teller will lay out a life path for you.  He or she is likely to tell you that this is your path and you only job to do right now is to accept that path and continue walking.  A psychic fortune teller, on the other hand, is more likely to believe that you can alter the outcome of events given the right information.

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This difference probably comes from the different types and amount of information regular and psychic fortune tellers receive about you from the other side.  Regular fortune tellers receive information about events and relay that information.  Psychic fortune tellers also have information about why these events occur.

Many psychic fortune tellers believe that you can alter the outcome of these events and take control of your destiny through healing.  They see your life path as only one of many options.  They believe that the path seen by a regular fortune teller is simply the one path you will travel if you continue on living your life as you always have.

However, a psychic fortune teller can see if your spiritual energies have been neglected.  He or she can see if you are holding onto hurt from your past.  He or she can also see how your life path could change if you dealt with those problems now.

Should You Choose a Regular Fortune Teller of a Psychic Fortune Teller?


The answer may seem obvious that you should choose a psychic fortune teller, because he or she can give you a range of options and tell you the outcomes of following through on those outcomes.  This may not, however, be the best choice for you.

Because information from a psychic fortune teller is often more detailed, appointments with this type of fortune teller may take longer and therefore cost you more money.  Therefore, the real answer to what type of fortune teller you should choose is: it depends.

Does this describe you?

  • You are a deeply intuitive person.
  • You are fairly connected to your own emotions, your body, and your spirituality.
  • You know why you feel what you feel.
  • You can sense when something is wrong with your health and what you need to do to fix it?
  • You are aware of differences in how you feel when you maintain a spiritual regimen and why you do not.

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you may not need a psychic fortune teller.  You may be so greatly attuned to your own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self that you will be able to take the information received from a regular fortune teller and figure out your own cause and effect relationships.  You may be able to figure out how you can alter your life path by making changes in the key areas described.

However, if you often find yourself to be the opposite of everything just listed above, you may be in need of true guidance from a psychic fortune teller.

A Brief Summary

  • Regular fortune tellers tell you about events from your past, present and future.
  • Psychic fortune tellers also tell you about events from your past, present and future,
  • Regular fortune tellers receive information about these events by using sacred of everyday objects as conduits for information from the other side.
  • Psychic fortune tellers receive information directly from the other side.
  • Regular fortune tellers often cannot tell you why events occur.
  • Psychic fortune tellers can tell you about mental, emotional, and spiritual reasons for life events.
  • Regular fortune tellers are only able to access information about your current life path.
  • Psychic fortune tellers can often tell you how you can change your current life path.
  • The right type of fortune teller for you depends on your personal needs and budget.

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