Reviews of California Psychics & Psychic Source

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Hi, my name is Marcie and spirituality is the lust of my live, in the past I’ve done some readings myself but it became to much of an emotional burden to keep doing it. Instead I send my friends over to California Psychics and so far none of them ever left any negative feedback so I would recommend them as our 1st choice to go to. However I also read great reviews on Psyhic Source though I don’t have any first hand information about them so use at your own risk I would say.

On this site I provide some additional useful information about the psyhic process in general mixed with my own opinions of the several vendors that you find online so here we go:

Many people go on with their daily routine without really knowing what lies ahead but when knowing what your future holds for you could help yourself making better plans that bring you closer to your goals in life, these could include:

  • Short-term information you like to be aware of
  • Finding out how much time you have left with your loved ones
  • You might want to know how well your baby is doing, in case of pregnancy
  • You’d like to know how your future marriage will work out

Basically, a psychic will help you fulfill any urgent need for information concerning the future so that you can make more educated choices.

Straight to the point, who’s the best in the industry?

To obtain the best possible psychic readings, it is important that you find a psychic you’re comfortable to work with, and is sufficiently experienced in the kind of divination you’re seeking. I already told you that California Psychics is the favorite of my friends so perhaps you feel well connected to them as well.

However, there are quite a few websites that can help you arrange a call, text, or chat with a psychic and while psychic readings are largely subjective, there are only two sites that you should consider if you want to communicate with actual professional psychics instead of any random amateur to find out what the future holds for you.

Both California Psychics and Psychic Source make it easy for you to do just that, as said they offer a multitude of experienced psychics to choose from. These are the two online psychic services to go to because they give you access to numerous psychics and an assortment of divination practices. In other words, you can tap into the expertise of psychics in different areas, including astrology, dream interpretation, and tarot reading as well. Here some extra info why we recommend these two so much:

My California Psychics Review

California Psychics ReviewsCalifornia Psychics offers a great online psychic service. Unlike many other sites, it does not offer specific areas of divination on its platform; instead, clients use different criteria to find psychics whose expertise is in the craft they’re seeking. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from California Psychics:

Their best feature – The service’s best feature is probably its unique process for finding a psychic. Clients can use the wide array of search filters to find a reader, ranging from the subject matter to the psychic abilities to the tools used and of course the price.

On top of that, users can access loads of information regarding a specific psychic by clicking on their profile. You will find information like their biography, areas of expertise, customer testimonials, and even introduction messages recorded by the psychic. The schedule for each reader is posted in their profile, so you can arrange appointments as needed.

Anything important missing? The only feature that is noticeably absent is the ability for clients to tag their favorite readers. This could be handy as when you look up different psychics you’d at least have the option to go back and reference those you liked while browsing. One other thing that some people may find restrictive is the fact that you can only connect with your preferred psychic reader by phone.

The Psychics Ratings: 5/5

One of the best things about this online psychic service is that you can trust them to have good psychics. They have the necessary qualities, like empathy and great communication skills, to form a strong connection with you. In the event that you don’t feel comfortable or open enough with your reader, you can get credits back for another reading, not many offer that.

Quality control: 5/5

California Psychics have a remarkable quality control system, which is why they have such good readers. In fact, their site states that they only accept about 2 percent of their applicants. So clients can feel positive about the readings they get.

The Platform Itself: 5/5

Their website is extremely useful and offers a great user experience, especially when you consider their distinct search function. There are sorting and filtering tools to help you easily select the reader you’re most interested in. There is plenty of information to help you review each psychic, plus there is a “Schedule and Appointments” function on the profile page that makes it easy to see whether the reader is available or not.

Customer Support: 4.5/5

Their customer support is pretty awesome, though you have a 24 hour window after a reading to discuss a disappointing session. If you are dissatisfied, you will be given credit back for that session – in the form of credits – that you can use to pay for another reading, no cash back unfortunately. That said, credit requests are only allowed once a month, which is not necessarily a bad thing except for regular callers.

Overall Value: 5/5

Though California Psychics does not offer the option to obtain readings via chat, text, or email, and you cannot tag psychics, it sure offers a user friendly website and robust search functionality are exceptional since they let you find readers who’re perfectly suited to satisfy your requests. Other useful services include:

  1. The callback option – where the reader calls you when he/she is available, which simplifies the whole scheduling process even more
  2. Being a Karma Rewards Member – a sort of member reward program that gives discounts and other offers to regular California Psychics users
  3. Discount on first call – the first reading is charged at only $1 per minute

My Psychic Source Review

Psychic Source ReviewsPsychic Source is another great online psychic service that offers all the typical divination practices and techniques that you would need, as well as some ambiguous kinds of psychic readings. This services comprises advisors in a variety of specialties, including tarot readings, dream interpretation, numerology, and astrology. Some of its unique offerings include:

  • Cartomancy – the use of a deck of cards to do psychic readings, which is great for readings involving love and relationships
  • Angel readings – a kind of reading where a link is created between you and your spirit guide to provide other insights. It also uses cards.
  • Readings to discover past lives, find lost objects, and communicate with pets

So how does it compare to California Psychics?

The psychics: 4.5/5

Most of the psychics are professional, caring, and considerate, though there are still a few instances when clients don’t connect with their chosen advisors. If you are dissatisfied with a reading, Psychic Source’s customer service will give you credits for another new reading at no cost, similar to California Psychics really. However, there are fewer psychics available compared to other competitors, which means that clients have to be more aggressive to get an appointment: by checking the psychic’s schedule and using the “Get a Return Call” option.

Quality control: 5/5

One of the best things about Psychic Source is that you’re unlikely to find a reader posing as a psychic. The service meticulously screens all applicants and accepts only 5 out of 100 candidates for employment – not as strict as California Psychics though. It is this kind of thorough vetting of readers that gives clients peace of mind when looking for an advisor.

The Platform: 4.5/5

The website is pretty well designed, with multiple filters on the homepage to make finding the ideal psychic a breeze. You can also learn a little about psychics you are interested in by going through their profile, which contain biographies, their specialties, and even client reviews. There is also the “Who’s Logged On” tool positioned at the bottom of the page. Clicking this tool reveals a list of all psychics currently online or offline, as well as whether they are available by phone, chat, or both.

There is also a “tag” feature that you can use to identify and access the information for those psychics that you liked when browsing later on in the Favorite Advisors area of your Psychic Source account. Unfortunately, the website does not provide personalized horoscopes, or any kind of love or personality reports. For these services, you will have to connect with psychics indicating astrology as one of their specialties.

Customer Support: 5/5

Clients have no trouble getting in touch with Psychic Source customer support team, and they are even claimed to be among the top in the industry. In fact, they pride themselves on being the oldest, most authentic, and most respected service available. They back up their claim with a satisfaction guarantee for your last reading.

Overall Value: 4.8/5

Unlike California Psychics where readers can only communicate by phone, Psychic Source offers both phone support and live chat via their website. The chat option is a better and more comfortable option for the new or timid clients. However, it could do with some additional website features, like personalized horoscopes, an active blog, and more frequent newsletters (not just 3 per year but bi-monthly for example).

Otherwise, they are a well-rounded online psychic service offering a great selection of services that are attractive to both casual and dedicated followers of divination.

The Overall Verdict is in!!!

The two websites are great, offering great features like multiple search filters to make it easier for you to narrow down on the ideal reader, expansive psychic profiles, and easy scheduling of readings.

There are, however a few noticeable differences that can help you choose between the two services. It is hard to find a service that has it all, so you have to choose the one with features that appeal to you the most, and one whose faults will not inconvenience you. In this case, California Psychics claim the better service, though Psychic Source also point to a pretty good alternative. Leaves me to say I hope you enjoyed reading my reviews on both of them.

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