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I was having a lot of problems in my life until my friend suggested that I contact Psychic Source to get some answers. I had never heard of this company before nor had I ever considered going to a psychic online. With all of the online scams that I had heard about in the past, it just didn’t make a lot of sense to put my confidence into an online psychic company. How would I ever know whether or not this was a legitimate resource or not?

Psychic Source reviews helped boost my confidence

I was advised to take a look through the various Psychic Source reviews and testimonials in order to find out just how reliable this company really was. I started first at the company website and saw that there were a lot of people that had used this service in the past. I also found that a lot of them have received life-changing advice that helped them turn a situation around. Although it was great to read through these amazing testimonials, I still wasn’t convinced. After all, I wanted to make sure that I was investing in something that would work before I poured my money into it.

I looked through the company details

When I started reading about Psychic Source I was quite impressed by what I saw. This company has been operating for more than 20 years now, which definitely says something about the business. I also read that only experienced and gifted professionals are allowed to work as psychics and that they are thoroughly screened before the company will use them. I found that impressive so I went online and looked through the list of psychics.

I was impressed! The psychics looked phenomenal!

I saw that there were a lot of different psychics available and I decided to click on one to see more about the individual and what she had to offer. I saw that she was working there since March 2006 and had a 5 star rating based on 680 readings. That’s impressive! I was able to read through her personal Psychic Source reviews but only went through the first 20 listed. I certainly didn’t have time to read all of the 680 reviews so I took a look at her credentials.

I saw that she was a love psychic and a clairvoyant. She uses Tarot cards and has a wise reading style. One of her specialties was breakups and divorce so I wrote down her name and decided that I may use her in the future. I also got a chance to find out more about her and I felt like I was reading through a comprehensive resume. At this point I decided to move on and take a look through a few of the other psychics available and needless to say, I was equally impressed with them all.

I decided to give it a go!

I went through the home page on the website and it felt like this company was writing directly to me! All my doubts and fears about getting a reading through Psychic Source vanished at that moment. First I saw that the readings are 100% guaranteed and if you didn’t like your last one it’s free! Then I saw that as a newcomer you could get started with a no-charge email reading and that’s exactly what I did!

To put it simply, I connected with a psychic that understood my questions and could relate to me. I was given a piece of information that I had never considered before and all of a sudden my problem became much more manageable and understandable. I have no idea how this psychic could comprehend exactly how I was feeling through an email, but I’m never one to argue with the results! Since that first email reading, I have been using Psychic Source for the last few years. I am hooked and will continue to use my 3 favorite psychics from now on. It just makes life so much more manageable!

I use this site more than I thought I would use it!

Here are just some of the reasons why I call up to talk to my favorite psychics time and time again:

  • To discuss my relationship with my spouse
  • To work out problems I’m having with my sister
  • To talk about work related issues
  • To better define my financial goals
  • Sometimes I just need to talk to someone that will listen

Have you ever had the feeling that you were talking to a brick wall and that you really had nobody that could relate to your situation? Sometimes I feel that way and it feels great to connect with a psychic that I know really understands the way I feel.

Why did I choose this one over California Psychics?

Psychic Source ReviewsBefore I get into the reasons why, I would just like to clarify that California Psychics is a good company and does offer great services. I just found that the other one is more suited to my lifestyle and my personal preferences. If you do choose to work with the California company, you will receive high grade psychic consultations with authentic psychics that have a good track record.

According to their website, every psychic is thoroughly screened before becoming a member of the team. In fact, only 2 out of every 100 applicants becomes a verified psychic at this site. I like that and according to the California Psychics reviews, others are also finding that the psychics are experienced and knowledgeable consultants. Now that I’ve cleared things up to show you that this site is legit, I’d like to explain to you why I don’t use it.

Only phone consultations are available! I’m looking for more!

I’m a busy person and sometimes I just don’t have access to a phone that I can use and there are times when I don’t feel like making a call either. I’ll admit that I use the email and chat services that are offered by the other company and I wouldn’t want to do without them. At California Psychics, you can only talk to an expert on the phone. When I’m paying for something I don’t like to have my choices limited. If you’re the type of person, however, that would only want to use telephone services, this won’t be a problem for you.

There isn’t a free first reading!

In order to try out the services at the California website I was going to have to pay $10 for a 10 minute consultation or $30 for a 30 minute one. This was their introductory service incentive. I felt much more comfortable working with Psychic Source and receiving a free consult by email. At least I could test the waters without having any out-of-pocket expenses if I didn’t have a good experience. You should know too that if you do accept the initial offer you have to first provide your credit card number and details after registering at this site. I didn’t feel comfortable about this at all.

Overall, without the ability to talk to psychics and do a reading with one via chat or email, I really had to give this one a pass. I don’t recommend it for people that are strapped for time, may not always have access to a phone or are timid in any way and would like to use a chat or email option instead.

If you’re looking for the best of the best psychic website you’ll want one that will give you a free initial reading so that you can get a sense and a feeling for that company. I highly recommend Psychic Source to all of my friends and relatives and now that you have gotten to know me a little bit better, I feel comfortable recommending this site to you too!

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    Sarah May 10, 2016

    I used both service and i highly recommend Psychic Source.

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